Chihuahua or Mule Deer?


Not sure where she got those ears…they aren’t all Chihuahua! 

Our newest arrivals made it to Colorado in 8 1/2 hours.  They arrived at the shelter around 6:00pm.  They had some dinner and a brief walk around their new digs and then off to bed.   This morning (as you can imagine) was a bit crazy with all the newbies in the shelter.  Every time a new dog is brought into the kennel it changes the dynamics and it takes a few days for everyone to adapt.  We worked on putting some of the new dogs together so they’ll have companionship.  They are all great dogs (if a bit excitable) and can’t wait for them to start meeting their adopters.


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One Response to Chihuahua or Mule Deer?

  1. Michelle Quihuiz says:

    You and your family are true saints !!
    These dogs are adorable !

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